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Architecture and design

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Real estate

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Art, institutions and industry

Association Les Tours / Association Reg'Art de Paris / Centre du luxe et de la création / EIF Innovation / Fondation AIA / Groupe Renault / Italian Trade Agency - ITA ICE / L'Architecture d'Aujourd'hui / Marazzi (with Rota&Jorfida) / Cultural Ministry of the Kingdom of Bahrain / Société Générale / The Art Design Lab

International projects

Rota&Jorfida Communication and PR is a partner for the development of projects related to the excellence of design and architecture between Italy and France.

A double passion, art and architecture

Giovanna Carrer has a dual Italian-French culture as an Italian who has chosen to live in France.

From Venice to Paris, the thread of her career has always been a passion for art and architecture, tied to her origins: a painter grandfather, a father and a sister who are both architects.

Literary training with a specialty in the History of Modern and Contemporary Art (Ca 'Foscari University of Venice) and in Museology and Museography (Ecole du Louvre, II cycle), she has worked for twenty years in communication and development in the field of culture and architecture in particular.

In January 2015 after 10 years of experience as a communication and development manager at recognized architecture agencies (LAN architecture and Moatti-Rivière), she created GioCa Conseil.

Communicating about architecture, a real profession

Nivuniconnu (NVNC) is a collective group of communication and development professionals who have chosen to collaborate with architectural, urban planning, landscaping and design agencies.

Since 2012 NVNC - founded and led by Giovanna Carrer (initially with Laurence Guéret) - works on the recognition and promotion of this recent and little-known professional profile.

NVNC is a unifying movement, a source of reflection, exchange and sharing of experiences. Through its ability to gather energy, to combine skills and to decipher changes, NVNC is a player in the future of architectural creation and its media coverage.

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Identity, visibility, prominence

Consulting, communication and development in the world of architecture

Working your identity, being visible, developing

Identity: evaluation, advice and recommendations

to bring out the thread of your story and to transform it into a coherent, audible and distinctive communication. Yours.

Visibility: communication and press relations

that generate visibility - media and institutional - in line with your image, revealing your positioning.

Prominence: public relations and development

to build a strong network and lasting relationships allowing you to evolve and open up new business opportunities.

Listen, advise, develop a 360° vision

Architecture, project management, real estate, construction

Keeping up, developing a 360° vision and making connections is the role of communication and development consulting in these vast and complex areas.

Trades that do not have the same codes, but converge towards a common goal: imagining and shaping the city of tomorrow. In multi-stakeholder projects, the consultant can be a real facilitator and accelerator by ensuring customer communication that is developed with a collaborative vision.

GioCa imagines your projects alongside you, implementing a strategy of communication, influence and positioning, as well as business development.

Has the era of ‘Slow’ communication arrived?

Communicating is essential, not always necessary

In the architecture and construction environment, images and figures often have pride of place in the dialogue. This aspect is amplified by digital communication and social networks, which incite us to communicate constantly.

The result is a certain trivialization - sometimes even inappropriate use - of digital communication and in particular social networks.

To master these great tools, refocussing on the message and its recipient becomes a priority for successful audible and differentiating communication.
This is GioCa's role: to design dialogue with you, in your image.
Finding meaning and reaching your audience, choosing the appropriate words, the relevant images and especially the right moment to convey them, becomes imperative.

Inform people, talk about what matters

Press, social networks, events, publishing, patronage

Deciding when and by which means - via the press, social networks, events, publishing, sponsorship, etc. - to put a project forward, highlight a career path or an expertise is fundamental to building a coherent, strong and durable image for one's agency, for one's company.
GioCa conceives strategies of influence with you, in line with your history.

The path that is chosen will allow us to position ourselves transversally on the themes and issues related to the trades of those who conceive and build the city:

architecture and heritage, urbanism and landscape, education and culture, research and innovation, environment and resources, economy and investments, politics and territorial development.

Public space, architecture and real estate: the place of art

Public authorities and real estate emissaries

now agree that works of art encourage exchanges between people and contribute to improving the quality of life of the occupants and users of buildings and infrastructures.

The formula of 1% of a building budget being allotted to art has proven its worth for over 60 years, while the ministerial charter "1 building, 1 artwork" is gently making headway and the various public-private calls for projects often impose an artistic approach on candidates.

GioCa advises and accompanies project leaders (project management, architects) in their cultural reflection and in their desire to integrate artistic works within the architectures they develop.

Clients press review

AMC on Franklin Azzi

Beaupassage: a Parisian ‘exquisite corpse’ according to Franklin Azzi
“Each square metre being different required a radiography of the facades prior to the intervention which consisted in removing the minimum in order to maintain the historical surface”

Mission: press visit and press relations

Client: Franklin Azzi Architecture
Beaupassage, mixed real estate programme in Paris 7th
Photo © Alexandre Tabaste

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Le Point on Axel Schœnert

An office iceberg in Paris 
“Their geometric shapes, which respect the harmony of the Haussmannian frame, give the building a beautiful mineral aspect, vibrant with light.”

Mission: communications and press relations

Client: Axel Schoenert architects
Shift 54 London, office building in Paris 8th
Photo © Luc Bœgly

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Immoweek on Codic

Le Royal Hamilius, in Luxembourg, houses 289 m2 of contemporary art
“The Royal Hamilius, a major urban regeneration project in the heart of Luxembourg, signed by Foster + Partners with Tetra Kayser & Associates, offers a solution: a contemporary art itinerary, from the 2nd to the 7th underground levels!”

Mission: press visit and press relations

Client: Codic
Royal-Hamilius, mixed real estate programme in Luxembourg
Photo © Charles Duprat

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L’Arca International on Codic

Royal-Hamilius, Luxembourg  
“A key feature of the neighbourhood, as well as meeting stringent safety and performance standards, the car park is an absolutely original piece of artistry.”

Mission: press visit and press relations

Client: Codic 
Royal-Hamilius, mixed real estate programme in Luxembourg 
Photo © Charles Duprat

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Corriere della Sera on Franklin Azzi

The Other Wall Street, the New La Défense 
“Mantenendo inalterata la struttura esistente e la facciata, lo studio ha dimostrato la volontà di concentrarsi sui veri aspetti che toccano da vicino l’utente finale e cioè gli spazi di lavoro finalizzati al benessere.”

Mission: press visit and press relations

Client: Franklin Azzi architecture
WorkStation Hines, office building in Courbevoie (92)
Photo © Alexandre Tabaste

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Intramuros on ChartierDalix

Transformation of Renault’s design centre, Guyancourt
“To become more creative and more efficient, to ‘Regenerate, Revitalize, Reactivate, Re-energize, Restructure…’ and reconfigure the venue, Renault called upon ChartierDalix (…)”

Mission: press visit and press relations

Client: ChartierDalix
R*Generation, Renault Design Centre in Guyancourt (78)
Photo © Takuji Shimmura

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Domus on ChartierDalix

Industrial Hybrids. Chartier Dalix’s new Renault Technocentre
“In the Renault Technocentre project, Chartier Dalix, has gone the opposite way of the Pompidou. Forty years ago, the national museum wanted to look like a great factory of culture. Now we have an industrial building with an up-to-date museum aesthetic.”

Mission: press visit and press relations

Client: ChartierDalix
R*Generation, Renault Design Centre in Guyancourt (78)
Photo © Takuji Shimmura

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Le Moniteur on A.26 Architectures

In the north of Paris, a logistics platform places freight in the heart of the city
“This logistics platform is not just limited to freight activities. It fulfils many urban functions: “It’s a real piece of the town,” remarks Anne Hidalgo, mayor of Paris.”

Mission: press visit and press relations

Client: A.26 architectures
Hôtel logistique Chapelle international in Paris 18th
Photo © JC N’Diaye

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Les Echos on Symbioz Renault

Renault presents Symbioz, a car to live in
“Renault’s new concept car is abandoning the mythology of open spaces for a more closed-in and less mobile world: the house.”

Mission: press visit and press relations

Client: Groupe Renault
Concept-car Symbioz
Photo © Nicolas Pivetal

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Marie-Claire Maison on Axel Schoenert

On the Rocks
“Perched on a promontory in the middle of a park planted with olive trees, this holiday home in the Balearic Islands is a place both for festivities and recreation.”

Mission: communications and press relations

Client: Axel Schœnert architects
The Rock, a villa in Ibiza
Photo © Luc Boegly

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Télérama on Franklin Azzi

A very classy hangar
“Taking up the idea of ​​Russian dolls, he slipped wooden boxes that he piled up to constitute workshops, laboratories, workspaces, offices, terraces, passageways, and even an amphitheatre (…) into this 160 metres long by 40 metres wide hangar.”

Mission: press visit and press relations

Client: Franklin Azzi architecture
School of Fine Arts in Nantes Saint-Nazaire (44)
Photo © Luc Boegly

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Casabella on Franklin Azzi

The profile of the factory
“A project of recovery and reinvention of an industrial artefact taken to an urban scale, which illustrates how the approach to constructed heritage (…) is one of the most wide-spread expressions of contemporary architectural design, not only in Europe.”

Mission: press visit and press relations

Client: Franklin Azzi architecture
School of Fine Arts in Nantes Saint-Nazaire (44)
Photo © Luc Boegly

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Le Figaro on Archimage

Reinventing the art of living while working
“At Danone, it was Archimage’s task to redefine the shared space, to harmonize people’s various rhythms, to integrate an open solution of free circulation and to propose compensations, including leisure time in work time.”

Mission: press visit and press relations

Client: Archimage
Danone, headquarters in Paris 8th
Photo © Charlotte Bommelaer

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AD on the Marazzi exhibition. Author Photos

Digging into archives
“A journey through the history of a company, but also in the background, a reflection on the notion of command”

Mission: launching, programming and communications on the Marazzi showroom

Client: Marazzi (in collaboration with Rota&Jorfida)
Showroom Marazzi, Paris 5th
Photo © Marazzi

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In Interiors on Chafik.Studio

Yan&One, the temple of beauty
“The world’s first beauty smartstore opened in the Morocco Mall in Casablanca. (…) Conceived by the architect and designer Chafik Gasmi, from concept to interior design.” 

Mission: press visit and press relations

Client: Chafik.Studio
Yan&One, Morocco Mall in Casablanca, Morocco
Photo © Chafik.Studio

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L’Architecture d’Aujourd’hui on the ‘Over the walls’ exhibition

Over the walls: architectural visions
“Societe Generale’s commission has allowed me to look at architecture in a more poetic and detached way, without the constraints of its use, and to become aware – once again – of the close links between art and architecture” explains the curator Giovanna Carrer.

Voir la vidéo

Mission: exhibition curator

Client: Société Générale
Exhibition: Visions of Architecture (Tours SG, La Défense)
Photo © Aleix Plademunt, Espectadores 3

BusinessImmo on Codic

Resonance gives voice to Bagneux
“The first operation of the ZAC eco-neighbourhood Victor-Hugo Bagneux – which includes 125,000 m2 of offices – Résonance, the solution proposed by Codic, had to send a strong signal.”

Mission: press conference, press visit and press relations

Client: Codic
Résonance, office building in Bagneux (92)
Photo © Codic

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AA Material Experiences, a unique event in Venice
On the occasion of the 2016 Architecture Biennale, Architecture d’Aujourd’hui proposed and animated three days of exhibitions and meetings between architects, industrialists and actors from the world of construction.

Mission: conception, production and communication of the event

Client: L’Architecture d’Aujourd’hui
Circolo Ufficiali della Marina, Venice, Italy

Le journal du Grand Paris on Codic

Thierry Behiels, gentleman developer
“At the helm of Codic International since 1998, Thierry Behiels wants to be a pioneering developer. Challenger and aesthete, he makes his job a passion, serving the city. From Ghent to Paris, the Belgian boss wants to leave his mark.”

Mission: press conference, press visit and press relations

Client: Codic
Résonance, office building in Bagneux (92)
Photo © Codic

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Sites Archi on REV architecture

Sensee, the meaning of the future
“Founded in 2011 by Marc Simoncini, founder of Meetic, Sensee went from being a simple player to having its own boutiques with this very expressive concept that makes use of crossed channels, beautifully designed by the Rev agency.” 

Mission: press visit and press relations

Client: REV architecture 
Sensee, boutique in Paris 1st
Photo ©Sensee

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L’Architecture d’Aujourd’hui on the Bahrain Pavilion

Expo 2015: Archaeologies of Green
“The Bahrain Pavilion highlights the agricultural culture of the archipelago, exhibiting archaeological objects from the Dilmun civilization (2,500 BC), which has already been described as “the location of the garden of Eden.”

Mission: communications and press relations

Client: Cultural Ministry of the Kingdom of Bahrain
Bahrain Pavilion, Milan Expo 2015
Photo © Iwan Baan

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